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Skincare Benefits in Our Body Scrubs

Goat Milk Body Scrub Body Scrub Anti-aging | Exfoliates | Younger Looking Skin | Moisturizes Sensitive Skin | Reduces Dry Skin | Fights Eczema and Psoriasis Goat Milk Body Scrub Skincare Benefits: Goat milk conditions dry or sensitive skin and helps reduce eczema and psoriasis, its alpha-hydroxy acids helps remove dead skin cells leaving new skin cells on the surface of your…

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Handmade soap made with nature’s finest ingredients

Turmeric Skin Healing | Younger Looking Skin | Fights Acne | Reduces Scarring & Inflammation Borelli Turmeric Soap Skincare Benefits: This soap has turmeric’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties which help to fight inflammation, acne-causing bacteria and cell-damaging free radicals. These skincare benefits help to heal the skin, reduce acne breakouts and scarring and promote regenerated, younger-looking skin. Garlic Acne…

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